Thanksgiving Conversation Cards – Free Printable

My 3-year old is really into family dinners. He loves to play games and have discussions. I love it too. A lot of quality time is spent at the dinner table. I’ve created a bunch of conversation starters for us – and I’ll have more coming to the blog soon. I managed to get this free printable ready just in time for Thanksgiving.


As you share¬†meals with friends and family this year, try out these Thanksgiving conversation cards. Instead of going around the table stating what you are thankful for (boring!), try these cards. They’ll get you talking about what you’re thankful for and how you can show your gratitude.

Download your Thanksgiving conversation cards by clicking the image below.

I took the pdf to my local Kinkos and had the file printed on cardstock. Then I just cut the cards out with scissors. Conversation cards are great for any age and any group of people. You can do one card per night, or do them all at once.

Happy Thanksgiving!